How can i get an estimate?

Getting an house cleaning estimate is fast and easy with our online booking form

Just answer a few quick questions and your estimate will automatically adjust as you go!

If you like what you see and want to book then you can fill in all the important details and book instantly.

How does pricing work?

We pride ourselves in offering simple low hourly rates that are easy to understand and the same regardless of your location in Canada.

Our base rate for house maintenance cleaning is $33/hour with discounted pricing for regular recurring customers.

  • Weekly = $25/hour
  • Bi-Weekly = $27/hour
  • Monthly = $30/hour
  • As Needed = $33/hour

We have three house maintenance cleaning packages which we call our basic, standard & premium cleans.   The hourly rate is the same regardless of which of these three packages you choose and is always based on the frequency of your cleaning service visits, as noted above.

Also, outside of regular recurring or as-needed house maintenance cleaning, we offer several one-time or one-off house cleaning service packages which are all priced at $35/hour.

  • Deep Cleaning = $35/hour
  • Move Out Cleaning = $35/hour
  • Move In Cleaning = $35/hour

The hourly rate for these cleans are the same regardless of frequency.

You can get an estimate of what it will cost to clean your house here.

How do you determine my estimate?

We determine how much it will likely cost to clean your house by estimating the amount of time it usually takes the average Professional House Cleaner to complete your chosen house cleaning service package in a house the size of yours. 

Then we multiply that time estimate by your hourly rate.

The overall size of a house tends to correlate with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms it has so we ask for that on our booking form to determine its likely size.

Ultimately, it is impossible for anyone to determine the exact amount of time it will take to complete a clean, sight unseen, as there are too many differences from house to house and each Professional House Cleaner works at a different speed.

Just a few variables that affect how long it takes to clean a particular house include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Time between professional cleanings
  • Density of the home's furnishings
  • Number of people living in it
  • The surface types in the home
  • The cleaning tasks completed

With that said, it is important to note that the price we give is an estimate only and the actual amount we bill may be less or may be more than the estimate.

Once your clean is completed we will multiply the actual time our Professional House Cleaner was in your house, as determined by a GPS timer, and multiply it by your hourly rate.

Do you service my area?

We service the entire country of Canada, from coast to coast, through our large network of expert Professional House Cleaners located in a multitude of cities, towns and communities.

  • The fastest way to see if we service your area is to go to our online booking form and enter your postal code.

If we do not service your area the booking form will notify you as soon as you enter your postal code.  If it does not then we 'do' service your area.

You can find a general list of our service areas here but please note that this is a general list only as there are literally too many service areas to list.

We're constantly adding new service areas so please check back often as if we are not in your area now we will be soon!

Who supplies the cleaning equipment?

Customers are always required to provide the cleaning equipment.

Customers have most of the cleaning equipment needed on hand in their homes and anything outside of the norm can be purchased inexpensively at Walmart or Amazon.  

The lists below outline what's needed:

Cleaning Equipment Checklist

Who supplies the cleaning products?

This is completely up to you. By default, Customers provide all needed cleaning products and equipment, but for a $10 add-on fee ($15 for deep cleaning) our Professional House Cleaners can provide the cleaning products such as multi-purpose, etc. 

If you want the Professional House Cleaner to supply the cleaning products just select that as an add-on service when booking through our booking form.

  • Please note that the cleaning equipment, such as a vacuum, etc., is always supplied by the Customer. A list of what cleaning equipment you need to supply can be found here.

Customers have most of the cleaning products and equipment needed on hand in their homes and anything outside of the norm can be purchased inexpensively at Walmart or Amazon.  The list below outline what's needed:

Cleaning Equipment Checklist

How do I pay you?

We accept major credit card or debit visa payments only.  Unfortunately, we do not accept cash or cheque.

  • We use the internationally trusted third party provider, Stripe, for credit card processing. 

Please note that one day before your scheduled clean we'll put a hold on the card you provided for the amount of the estimate to ensure that there is enough balance on the card to pay for the estimated cost of the upcoming cleaning service visit.

This hold is NOT a charge.  We will only charge your card once the clean is completed.

If there was more held than the clean amount then the remainder gets released.  If the clean amount is higher than the estimated and held amount then that amount gets billed. 

If a clean is cancelled any hold on your card will get automatically released and you'll see that balance back on your card in 2 to 5 business days.  Unfortunately, we have no control over this time frame as it is set by the provider.  

Please note that when the hold goes on your card it may appear as a 'charge' on your end but we have not advanced charged you for the clean.

Some financial institutions show holds as charges, even though they are not, which can be confirmed by speaking with your financial institution.  

How do I contact you?

World-Class Customer Support

We offer an on demand, self service system that leverages technology so we can cut back our expenses, provide our Customers the best rates in the country and provide our Professional House Cleaners the best payouts in the country.

  • Therefor, we do not offer real-time phone support but, make no mistake, we have the best Customer Support in the business!

In fact, it is better than the phone support you would get with a traditional cleaning company where you have to leave a message and wait hours or days to get a return call, if you get one at all.  Not to mention, phone tag almost always ensues.

  • We have live Customer Service Representatives (CSR) available to you in real time via online live web-chat from Monday to Friday from 8AM to 8PM.

Online Live Web-Chat Support

The best and fastest way to communicate with a CSR is via online live web-chat on our website.

Response times vary but our system computes the average wait time and alerts you so you will know how the average time it will take to connect with a CSR.  Often it takes just seconds!

Just go to our website and click the 'chat' icon.

As well, you can access any past online conversations you may have had with us there too.

E-mail Support

You can reach a CSR via email at support@motivatedmaids.com and you e-mail will instantly go directly to our central communications hub which is the same place that our live web-chat goes.

A CSR will see it in real time and reply to you the exact same way they would reply to you if you were chatting with them via online live web-chat.

In-App E-mail Support

Once you have booked with us the first time we'll provide you with a link to download our app. 

You can just click within the app to e-mail us and we'll get it in real time through our communications hub.  When we respond you'll get an in-app notification.

Call Back Phone Support

We do understand that, in certain circumstances, Customers may be wish to speak with a person over the phone so we do offer a call back service for those instances.  Just call 1-888-410-6243 (MAID) and leave us a voicemail with your name and phone number, with area code, and we'll return your call within 3 business days. 

Help Centre Support

We understand that from time to time you will just need a quick answer and don't want to communicate directly with anyone.

For these instances we provide an online help centre on our website where you can find a variety of articles on most everything you need to know about how we work.

We add new articles all the time so check back if what you need isn't there or let us know through our live web-chat and we'll add the information you are looking for to our help centre so it is there for the future.

Why Do You Only Offer Call Back Phone Support?

In order to be able to attract high quality Professional House Cleaners we must provide them with the highest possible payouts.

Otherwise we would turn over too many cleaners and would not be able to offer reliable service.

At the same time, in order to attract Customers we must have simply, strait forward low hourly rates.

Thus, we keep our operational costs lowered by leveraging technology for communications.

If we were to offer real time phone support our operational costs would rise so significantly we would have to raise rates considerably which would not be desirable to the vast majority of Customers.  As well, we would not be able to pay our Professional House Cleaners as high as currently do, leading to many issues that come when workers can not earn a living wage.

We do understand that, in certain circumstances, Customers may be wish to speak with a person over the phone so we do offer a call back phone support.

How do I communicate with my Professional House Cleaner

When you make your first booking you can enter in all the information that you need our Professional House Cleaner to know.

As well, we'll send you a link to download our app where.

Through it you can self-manage your bookings and do things like leave a note for the Professional House cleaner, cancel a booking, schedule a booking, reschedule a booking, update your personal information plus more.

When our Professional House Cleaner checks in to their clean your note will pop up ensuring that they see it. 

Alternately, you can login to your customer dashboard via our website too.